A long time ago (no it's not a princess tale), I was with high school friends. They were playing in a band nammed Apple Jelly, and I joined them even I cant play music.I tried to help them and when they needed posters and flyers, I was the only one that deals with computers so I tried to help them. Without any knowledge about graphism, I made my very firts attempt of artwork. That was pretty ugly but I work again and agin and I progress. I made artworks for the band, on social network and then I produced too much for the band and I wanted to explore my own way. So I started to make collages for SLip.

I worked daily on collages and it allows me to get some ideas of my head, to say things I cant say in real life. Some people write thing, some are painting, I use digital collages to say things 🙂

I got some subjects always appearing on my brain and some triggers in real life (that could be colors I saw, words I heard, everything …) make them more visible. It makes appears some short stories, some pictures and I had to make the real (oh on my computer screen only)

I work on two parallel ways : I worked on the meaning of every artwork because without sense, I think it's not worthy to make something. But if you want people taking time of trying to understand the meaning of your work, you had to make it visual, to work on aesthetic. For me, you have to work on this two ways, or nobody can see your work

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