Peter Platel





   As a queer gay man, I have always been looking for new and different ways to express my creativity. Being a hairdresser for over 30 years was a great way to explore shapes, colors, lines and structures, but the work never completely ticked all the boxes. Experimenting with fashion, clothes, music and gender lead to the creations of a variety of performance personalities and characters.

   Meeting more and more people who challenged the traditional rules of gender, life, family, ecology, etc., stimulated me to question myself even more.

The questions lead to stories, the stories lead to collages. Within the collages I create a universe filled with creatures, personalities and entities without restrictions, who live and breathe by their own rules, who don't judge and embrace diversity. They are there to make you think, shift your focus or question what goes on in the world, sometimes gently, sometimes with humor, sometimes brutally, but always with love, respect and total freedom.

   All collages are analogue, hand cut and glued on paper.

Red Briefs

Over The Moon

Love Is Love

Friends of Dorothy

Every Mirror Has A Story



Pin Up 4

   Every collage tells a stories about my queer community and peers. I would like to invite you to observe my work with an open mind and spirit. Let the images and their juxtaposition do the talking. Let the colors take you away. Enjoy the craziness, the sexiness and the love in every single one of them and explore what these images mean to you. 


How does your story turn out? 

What version do you see in them? 

How do they make you feel?

Are you judging your own thoughts?

Peter Platel

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