Naomi Azoulay

Nueva Zelanda


Dona Nobis Pacem


Smash The Patriarchy

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

I have been a blocked artist for most of my life. I had a blank canvas syndrom; always hovering around art and artists but never had the courage to create anything myself. I wanted to study Visual Art in University but didnt dare to, so I ended up studing Art History instead.

Much later in life, as a solo mother to three young children I went to a one-day collage workshop and got immediately hooked. I started cutting up magazines and collaged them onto cardboard while the children where asleep. My friends have encourged me to work on a more substantial material and I moved to collage onto wood panels. At some point I ditched the magazines in favour of my beloved art books collection, there was no way back from there.

My frst collages were pretty small in size ( no bigger than A3) but after I participated in a few group exhibition I decided to work on a much larger scale in order to enhance the impact.







High Priestess


I’m a portrait artist, because I’m most interested in people, particulary females, viewed through the female gaze.

My collages are all made from art books and thus are rich in referance to Art History. Early on I’ve noticed that most of my art books are of Eauropean art because that what they taught in unicevrsity , so I am constantly expanding my collection in order to decolonize the art scene by including art from all over the world. I thrive to create beauty and harmony through colour, texture and rhythmic patterns.


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