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Un signe

Dans la brume de l'horizon 1

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How I came to collage

I’m a belgian collage and mixed-media artist, born  in 1968 in Bastogne, where I still live and work.

I’m self-taught and have been practicing collage for thirty years.

I discovered collage in 1990, by chance, while playing with pictures for an animation project with children. I remember having felt inventing something…to quickly realize that collage was a real art ! Afterwards, I got interested in its history, with a strong attraction to surrealism, and started learning collage on my own.

I take occasional courses according the needs of the moment, to learn techniques useful to my projects: bookbinding, cardboard work, sculpture, drawing… I’m also an art-therapist. This requires a lot of capacity of adaptation, and curiosity. That’s why I keep on learning.


Dis-moi oui!

Arlette a mis les bouts

Le Premier Ami

Les Accords Matrimoniaux

Mon fiancé

Le bagage de Croquemitaine


Artist statement

My imaginary is nourished by the touch and the scent of old paper, the nostalgia of vintage illustrations and manuscripts, the stories antique frames and objects may tell.

I take pleasure in discovering unexpected matches between all these materials.

I’m fascinated by their sentimental value. I create a whole new universe for these objects as if they were all coming from my own attic.

The old books I use are also a manner to explore another way of thinking, which shows through the pages and the words. As a 21st-century woman, I give them a second life and address themes that are still relevant today. I also add my sense of humour and my poetry.

To me, making collages is like time-travelling. I can turn back the clock and get closer to the surrealist artists I admire so much by playing with illustrations similar to theirs.

I also like the challenge of working only by hand, with original images.

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