Lora Warman



Hi, I am Lora Warman, a female mix-media artist from Hobart Tasmania, Australia. I began analog collage work in 2021 when I studied for a Certificate III in Visual Arts. It was during the process of working with paper to create a 2dimensional piece, that I began ‘collaging’. It was experimental and I just went with the flow. I found it therapeutic, and I like the story the piece told. From then on, I found that when I was working with images from magazines, I would naturally collage them. I do remember as a child that I enjoyed cutting and pasting from brochures and magazines to complete school projects, so the process of analog collaging is a reminder for me of my younger years.

As for my current analog collaging work, I began them in early 2022. It wasn’t intentional but I began putting images together because it relaxed me. I work in cultural tourism at two major tourism sites in Hobart and the stress of this work means that sometimes I just cannot wait to get home to create a collage piece.

I have found that my style has changed, and I favour vintage images and images of the female. As a woman myself, I marvel at the beauty of women and how incredible women are. When I reflect on what I am creating I realise it is myself expressing how I see myself. I like to be alone, in nature surrounded by plants and insects. The vintage image reminds me of the early years when I was growing up in the 1960s and 1970s. I also have a passion for history, especially fashion history and architecture. I am drawn to 1930s and 1940s fashion. I love the classic, timeless look.

My collage pieces are created without any planning beforehand. I will often start and after an hour of working with various images, I will change it all together. Most pieces take me approximately three hours. I desire the finished piece to be aesthetically pleasing. I love how the act of collaging enables me to express a story or message. Even when I think the piece is finished, I am not quite sure if it is.

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