Lindsey Uhl


Man Made

Nature loves courage

New neighbors

Only way out is through

My entire adult life I primarily expressed my creativity through non-tangible mediums – daydreams, philosophical conversations, and love. Then a global pandemic hit and art therapy sessions became the catalyst for my tangible creations with analog collage. When I put images together in an intuitive way, it reveals a new juicy depth to my emotions as well as insight into my subconscious reality. I find inspiration in nature, music, and contemplating the invisible and unknowable.

Portal dreams


Sacred rage

Sight to sea

Train of transformation


Welcome home

You are more than your productivity

As a self-described creatrix, my intention with my art is simply to birth it to the world. When I discovered the power of transmuting emotional energy into collage through the healing and cathartic process of cutting and gluing, I was hooked. I began sharing them online in the hopes that others can derive meaning and inspiration from them. My art will forever be an important part of making sense out of my time here on Earth.

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