Katia Burak



are you still comfortable




I am Belarusian with Polish roots. First of all, I'm curious, that's why my field of study is wide. I changed several schools, including Minsk State Gymnasium-College of Arts. I studied French and English philology at the Belarusian State University. I obtained a Master of Laws degree in France. My curiosity is also the reason why I speak 6 languages. And why I got to the collage. Russian collage artist Oleg Borodin introduced me to the technique of digital collage and helped me to reach a professional level so I could apply the technique to impossible objects. My pluridisciplinary approach allowed me to bring my work at the intersection of art, cognitive science, psychology, neuroscience and philosophy.



embodied cognition

eye self portrait

surrealist dreams

staged fight ong




I use impossible objects as a starting point for creation of my collages. I manipulate them as a platform for study of perception of reality. This type of optical illusion is also an epistemic variable: one object represented in 2D can refer to several objects in 3D depending on which part of the image is viewed. Using collage technique I go beyond graphic representation of the illusion, I reinvigorate the illusion with pieces of reality recreating a story, a metaphor, a philosophy. I refuse to imitate the inimitable, I use real life images and textures in order to question the raw feels of the observer, inviting to look for the “something” between ourselves and reality which allow us perceive illusions, something that neuroscientists and cognitive scientists are struggling to find up to this day.

living space

inside out

industrial progress

forest spirit offering blueberries

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