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I first started making collages as contributions to artist trading cards swaps and mail-art calls – I liked the idea of art on a postcard or something even tinier, like a business card. Soon I started noticing pieces of images in magazines that I could imagine as part of a larger composition, so I started collecting them and making bigger collages. Collage turned out to be a great media for expressing a lot of ideas that I could not as easily come up with while working with other techniques.  I discovered a lot of collage artists that were very inspiring and that I've learned a lot from, and now I regularly participate in collage open calls, as well as Februllage.






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When I use different media like acrylics or watercolour, portraits are one of my favorite subjects. But when I'm making collages, I seldomly use the whole face – I like the mysterious tone of the artwork which is achieved when only the eyes or smile are visible. It also leaves the collage open to a wider range of interpretations. My inspiration comes from various psychological and emotional states, and my collages often have dreamlike and surreal settings. Sometimes I use many layers, and add watercolor and writing/scribblings to add more complexity and detail. Often I would include souvenirs from my travels, like maps, tickets, photos, various little pieces of wrappings with interesting colors and textures, and those collages serve as a little diary pages for me. I also like creating whimsical and silly collages that are mostly just for fun, and they show how happy I was when I was making them.

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