Christine Vilutis



I am a Midwestern born and bred collage artist. I’m originally from Indiana but spent my adulthood in the great metropolis of Chicago until a very recent move to just outside of the city. After a number of dead end jobs and false starts in other careers, I’ve made a sharp and focused turn towards collage. I use my educational background in psychology — I earned a Master’s in the field — in much of my artwork. Through my hand-crafted images, I attempt to explore the multitude of powerful personal and political intersections between individuals’ interior and exterior lives. I’ve found in the last year or so, after the birth of my son with my long-term partner, that I have been gifted with a fresh and concentrated creative energy that I’ve never experienced before. That energy, the time in which to wield it, the loving support of my partner amid the stark facts of pandemic quarantine have allowed me to push myself forward in my career as a visual artist.


In March of 2019, I put on a solo exhibition and collage workshop at The WasteShed of Chicago, an art reuse and community center. In early 2020, I became a member of the online directory of womxn-identified artists, All She Makes. I was also a recipient of Repaint History's Art Fund in December of that same year. Most recently, I have shown several pieces in Hairpin Arts Center’s Glow Up event celebrating women/femme artists and a number of works at The Fulton Street Collective’s monthly shows. I am now an artist member of The Fulton Street Collective and look forward to creating and sharing more work in future events and shows there.

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