Catarina Rosell-Örsäter



Hello! My name is Catarina Rosell-Örsäter, I am 58 years old, live and work in Halmstad, Sweden. Collage art is something I have recently begun to pay attention to and become curious about. Since about 1 year ago, I myself have explored the collage method and create collages of pictures from newspapers and old books. I then cut and paste these onto a background of wallpaper or photographs I took myself. Then I take the originals, rework them, add white border and a title. Furthermore, they are copied on Fine Art Print, Hahnemühle paper. Being creative and creating things has always been an interest of mine. As a youngster, pencil drawings were a form of expression I was hooked on. Since I just started my interest in collage art, my works have never been shown in any gallery. My first attempt is that I sent in an application for an exhibition in Gothenburg. On Istagram and in my circle of friends, in a very short time I have received a lot of positive response, which makes me very happy.

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