Anthony Kelly



Driving Forces (2011) – Analogue

Forest Sanctuary (2022) – Digital

Topsy-Turvey (2022) – Digital

I have always been interested in making sense of things, pulling in different perspectives and different strands of understanding to create a clearer picture of the world.
I just have that kind of mind I guess. Collage has always drawn me in because of that, and because it's got this kind of magic to it. You discover things out in the world, you find yourself noticing details more, develop an appreciation for fragments of experience, and become a kind of a visual seeker. I have found collage to be a beautiful artform, but also a wonderful way of understanding the world, and myself more deeply.

Disco Inferno (2021) – Digital

Earth…A Home to Mysteries and Illusions (2021) – Digital

Sundown At The Cosmic Tea House (2021) – Digital

The Magic of Reading (2021) – Digital

The Magic of Reading No2 (2022) – Digital

The Sea At Night (2021) – Digital

The+World Champion of Musical Chairs (2021) – Digital

Triangulation (2021) – Digital

Anthony D Kelly is an Illustrator, Writer, Visual Artist and Integrative Psychotherapist. He works mainly with Illustration, Collage and Assemblage techniques to create hopeful, humorous, and sometimes unnerving and deeply satirical imagery. He is currently based in Castlebar, County Mayo located on Irelands West Coast.
He is an active member of the Irish Collage Community. He has exhibited across Ireland, Europe and in the U.S.A. and has delivered workshops and lectures at Collagistas Festivals 5 & 6 in Dublin and Brussels. His work has featured in many publications including Art Reveal, Creativ Paper, Murze Magazine, Kolaj Magazine and the recently released 'Empty Columns are a Place to Dream' book from the Kolaj Institute and Kasini House.
He has studied Arts Administration, Arts Participation and Global Development and Humanistic Psychotherapy. Anthony is greatly interested in the Arts as an effective method for engagement with Social, Political and Global Development issues; and for seeking beyond the known to formulate the new. He is also deeply interested in the creative interplay between literature and visual art, and their roles as meaning-making processes and in promoting positive mental health.

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